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We help thousands of users share information about suspicious callers every day. With telemarketing still on the rise, we created New Techno Log to give people a place to share information with others, creating a up-to-the-minute, real-time database of the latest nuisance callers.

Following an unusual call or text from someone's whose intentions and/or identity you want to find out, go through New Techno Log's Look Up search engine and get the chance to discover information like address, names, education, life history.

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Latest Logs


My wifes number


Collectors or telemarketer


Robo caller scammers


Multiple calls from this number. When answered, caller hangs up. Called them back and voice prompt asks you if you want to complete a survey after the call. Person who picked up would not identify himself or his business. This is a SCAM


Same message left on my voice mail and added that they could help


Insurance scam


This number called 3 times in a row but not leave message. I get a call from this number at least 5 times a week.


hung up--i am sure its credit card % reduction scammers


Bait is about not believing that one is in certain photo.


selling credit card % reduction---scammers


Got a text saying I received money. Scam!!!!!!!!


Calls repeatedly and does not leave message


This bastard is calling me and telling he is from IRS and I will go jail if I don't pay him


Cranky ( but I EXPECTED a harassmennt call & Non- Existant number). Could be innocent(as far as This Call) & spoofed


Missed call looks like spam


281-393-8088 left message stating that there is some legal action on my SS#.


Fuck you!


Got a text from this number claiming they were Netflix. It said that I over paid and there was a link to collect my alleged overpayment. I don't have Netflix and so I instantly knew that it was a scam.


Calls and leaves no message


Unless,it’s a hologram,fuck all the telemarkters,in the city of Yonkers!


They were said they were a credit card company and they were urgently trying to get ahold of me about my card?


This is TaxEase in Dallas, tx asking if we want to refinance our 2018 taxes.


spam - robo caller


Left a message, that said This person will be looked for tomorrow in their workplace claiming they are in legal proceedings


Called and not talking any thing and disconnected. Looks like robo call


Missed call


Computer voice


Received a call from this number to call Kathleen Davis at an 866 number to discuss consolidation or repayment of unsecured debt. Gave a reference # for me to use when I call back. Googled the 866 number from her voicemail, and there are LOTS of people who got the exact same message, all the way down to the reference number..... SCAM.


I don't know who this is, but I don't want them calling because they will NOT leave a message on the answering machine. It is probably somebody I do not want to hear from - like a solicitor


I don't know who this is, but I don't want them calling because they will NOT leave a message on the answering machine. It is probably somebody I do not want to hear from - like a solicitor


I have received several calls from this number. I haven’t answered and no voicemail left. Lately I have received calls that start with 898 which are the beginning digits of my cell and later I receive a called from someone stating they have a missed call from my number. Which I have not called anyone. This must be some type of a scam!!!


robo call


Phone scam Medicare fraudulent knee or back braces. Do not even answer!


That is not the legit number for EBT customers. (877) 328-9677 right off website. And it says your county or state WILL NEVER CALL OR TEXT YOU!!!


Scam/ telemarketers, bother us constantly, won't leave message. Call them back, number is out of order....go figure


called 5 times non stop.


Called back and it said they are Sirius XM


this caller sounds like a black preacher but message is more doomsday "Some one is out to get you"


This texter sent several abusive messages in reference to hunting people down and killing them. He also had disparaging remarks about my heritage.


This guy named Erick James claims to be a vendor. He is a scammer. Tried to commit wire fraud!


making a call from IRS


scam call


calls and dead silence


Caller claimed to be from a community fundraiser in wellton Edmonton. She asked for a etranz donation. She again sent my phone text message asking for my donation again at 3 o'clock in a morning. Said will help my family get cheap hall rentals. Won't rent from that hall again because of this


Credit card scam number.


Magic Jack his name is Anthony.


Tried to call number recording said the number is not a valid phone number guess it is a scammer


This SOB calls over and over and must STOP! My phone number is on the DONOTCALL.GOV list. They will be reported for harassment


Looks like a spam call to me. I never answer unknown numbers. Didn't leave a message, so not a legit caller.


called my cell ,sent a message saying I do not accept calls without a name , got texted back that it was a landline, so I tried calling the number back and a recording comes on that the number is not in service.