The giant company Amazon has halted the development process of the online sports game Breakaway, which will soon be released.

Amazon sells household goods, produces electronic devices, and sometimes produces video games. Amazon, who even owns Twitch, has even attempted to purchase a game studio Double Helix in 2014. However, Amazon seems to have canceled the biggest video game project.

According to a letter attributed to the Breakaway development team at Reddit, the game ‘Breakaway’ is no longer a developed project. There is no reason for the cancellation of the game.

In Amazon’s comment, “Despite all our efforts, we could not make the leap we all hoped for. After so much soul searching, the team decided to focus on the new ideas. “

With the founding of Amazon Game Studios, Breakaway and two other games, as well as Amazon’s game development, were introduced in 2016. It was said to be a ‘mythological sports game’ with heroes. The focal point of the game was to move the ball towards the 4-player team with the opponent. If the game is a promotional video, you can watch the video below.


Amazon’s ‘Breakaway’ development team’s full description is as follows:

“Hello to everyone,

 We wanted to inform you about Breakaway’s development.

Since the last announcement, we have been working hard to implement community feedback and to implement the original of Breakaway’s basic game. Although we have developed many ideas and made much progress, we are building a very high bar for ourselves. Despite our efforts, we could not achieve the breakthrough that we all could hope for. After much soul searching, the team decided to focus on new ideas. As a result, Breakaway is no longer active.

We are extremely proud of the work of the team, and we live the privilege of being a dedicated and enthusiastic part of the collective. We will share with you about our new projects and we will launch on this channel without receiving any news, and if you are an inspiration to take us to Breakaway, you will be the first to learn it. “

It is not known what news comes from the team in the following days but it seems like a really hard decision to cancel the game after you have spent it.

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