According to last minute news, Youtube has been armed with an armed attack on the office of the US state of California.

The news does not contain any information as to whether or not the armed attack on the Youtube office in San Bruno is dead or injured. After the multiple gunshots that came with it, it is stated that many Youtube employees call 911 in panic and ask for help.

According to Vadim Lavrusik, one of the officers of the office, he heard gunshots and saw his colleagues escape in front of his desk.

The last tweet he posted is that he is safe now and is not in any position to give an interview. Unfortunately, there is no new development related to the subject. We are most desirous of not being injured or dead in the living situation. We will share with you new information about the situation.


News from the region is dead and wounded in the incident. The identity of the assailant is not clear yet, but there are assertions that the incident is being carried out by a fully equipped female assailant.

Update 2

It is said that the attack is not a terrorist attack and is a personal reason. We can say the most intense information that 4 people were hurt and the woman who committed the attack committed suicide.


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