Black Panther broke a new blockbuster record and had the 4th largest box office record in the US, though it had not been even two months since its release.

Black Panther has had a huge box office success since entering the vision. Finally, thanks to the box office numbers that we have gained over the past week, it has grossed $ 652.5 million, making it the fourth most profitable film in the US. Jurassic World, which hit the record before 2015, broke with $ 652.3 million. Black Panther’s next target is to cross the famous Titanic, the third in the lineup.

Filmin, with $ 659.4 million in revenue and third place in the Titanic pass, is a matter of time, considering the success of the two months. This record is expected to be broken next week and Black Panther will be the third most grossing film of all time. The first two of the list include Star Wars: The Force Awakens with $ 936.7 million and Avatar with $ 760.5 million.

Black Panther’s first two are not likely to be forced because he is expected to stay on the visa soon. Moreover, it is a big curiosity that can not keep this successful ordering for a long time. As a matter of fact, Avengers: Infinity War has only a little time to get into the vision, and Marvel is quite ambitious about this film. In both cases, however, the first three appear to be a Marvel movie.

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