Bloomberg, the publisher of the Crypto Money Report, announced 10-year expectations. Accordingly, the value of some of the top 10 crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, will reach terrific levels over the next 10 years.

The value of Bitcoin is quite long, varying from 6 thousand to 7 thousand dollars. Bitcoin, which lasted for the past year’s capacity for 20 thousand dolars, is expected to reach 143 thousand dollars within 10 years. Bitcoin will record an increase of 1941% over this period.

The expectations for Ethereum are quite amazing. It is predicted that Ethereum, which pushes $ 1,400 towards the end of last year, will have a maximum increase of 101% in 10 years and reach 588 dollars level.

Crypto is expected to be worth $ 0.994 in 10 years if the XRP is the most hope linked to in the money world. The current value of XRP is at the level of 0.33 dollars.

It is stated that Bitcoin Cash, which is currently worth $ 625, will be at the level of 180 dollars after 10 years. EOS (now the average value of around $ 6) is expected to fall to 4.8 dolars.

It is anticipated that Stellar, which the crypto money investors have secretly followed secretly, will experience very serious declines. According to estimates, Stellar, which is currently around $ 0.2, is said to record a decline of about $ 0.02.

Estimated to be around $ 64 Litecoin (LTC) is estimated to climb to 225 dollars.

It is estimated that the XMR (Monero), which has a valuation of 120 dollars, will rise to 38,391 per dollar in 10 years.

DASH, which is expected to gain value by 1459 percent within 10 years, is expected to reach 3 thousand dollars level.

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