FORTNITE‘S new 5.21 fix notes have been uncovered. Here’s beginning and end that is changed for Battle Royale and Save the World players.

NEW Fortnite 5.21 fix notes have arrived toward the beginning of today and should now be live for players to download as affirmed by another blogpost on the authority Fortnite Website.

Fortnite 5.21 Patch Notes Heavy Sniper Rifle and Soaring 50’s LTM CONFIRMED in new update

This new fix presents a couple of new highlights for both Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save the World players yet additionally various bug settles similarly as with consistently.

“Focus, Redeploy your lightweight plane and remain versatile in the most up to date restricted time mode, Soaring 50’s. Find the new incredible marksman rifle in Battle Royale and meet Save the World’s most current Constructor, Thora!”

The group have additionally uncovered some new highlights which include:

Overwhelming Sniper Rifle (Battle Royale)

  • Convey destroying harm to adversaries and much more to structures with the most current weapon dropping into Battle Royale, the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Thora (Save the World)

  • Bait husks into traps and control zones when things get basic! Thora touches base to Save the World.
  • Furthermore, that is it, basically. Straightforward.
  • In any case, continue perusing for the full 5.21 Patch Notes and bug fixes.




  • This mode is a contort on the conventional 50 versus 50 mode, including an additional accentuation on portability. Lightweight flyers can be re-sent while tumbling from expansive statures. Extra Impulse Grenades, Bounce Pads, and Launch Pads will be produced all through the guide. Bounce in and take off higher than ever!

Mode Details

  • 50v50 plunder, ammunition and asset levels
  • At the point when in mid-air and more prominent than 10m up, squeeze Jump to send your lightweight flyer
  • Added Impulse Grenades to chests at twofold the standard bring forth rate
  • Added Impulse Grenades to floor plunder
  • Diminished Spike Trap bring forth risks
  • Expanded Launch Pad and Bounce Pad bring forth risks
  • Profile Stats (K/D and Wins) are not followed in this mode.


  • In this constrained time mode, players will do fight utilizing expert rifleman rifles. May the best point win!

What’s New?

  • Checked Assault Rifles have been expelled.
  • The Heavy Sniper Rifle has been included.
  • Mode Details
  • Just weapon drops are Sniper Rifles.
  • Floor Loot brings forth decreased by half.
  • Profile Stats (K/D and Wins) are followed in this mode.


Overwhelming Sniper included

  • Accessible in Epic and Legendary variations.
  • Can be found from floor plunder, chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
  • Each shot conveys destroying harm at the cost of a long reload.
  • Arrangements 150/157 harm to players.
  • These huge rounds bargain expanded harm (1050/1100) to structures.
  • Shots discharged from the Heavy Sniper have less projectile drop in contrast with different Snipers.


  • Minigun headshot multiplier has been decreased from 2.5 to 1.5.

Bug Fixes

  • Explosives presently appropriately concede advance for the Week 5 Challenge: “Arrangement harm to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade.”


  • Fabric material science have been settled and will now show up appropriately.



Week after week Horde Challenge – Bullet Proof Husks

  • Highlights impenetrable adversaries that must be vanquished with scuffle weapons, traps, or Hero capacities.

One time consummation Quest Reward

  • 1500 Gold

Repeatable mission compensate

  • 75 Tickets
  • Expelled the Power Rating confinements on Challenge the Horde missions.
  • These limitations were hindering a few players from getting to the Weekly Challenge – Missions despite the fact that their Power Level was at the essential level.

Bug Fixes

  • Settled an issue where the modifier between Challenge the Horde missions wasn’t showing up between waves.
  • The Constructor Leadership journey will never again neglect to propel when acquiring the ability tree hub.
  • Map book actuation has been settled in multi-entryway Fight the Storm missions.
  • Track culmination presently progresses the mission legitimately in Level 28 Deliver the Bomb.
  • Survivors and mission things never again show up as orange boxes on the planet.


  • New Constructor Machinist: Thora added to the Event Store.
  • Accessible Wednesday, August fifteenth at 8pm ET.


Bug Fixes

  • Settled an issue that could cause Rocket Launchers to take up a huge part of the screen.
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