HP; The SpaceX CRS-14 included a coded relative and a printer specially produced for space conditions. HP is aiming to meet the space requirements of SpaceX Astronauts with this new device.

Tonight, the SpaceX CRS-14, scheduled to begin at 4:08 pm, will be accompanied by HP’s 17-year-old yet redesigned Envy ISS model printer. Previously, HP, which carried its computers in the distance with this partnership, will be extremely strong against gravity and possible G pressure changes.

Previously, SpaceX, a system that prevents the device from being ignited in case of an emergency, has been fulfilled and the Envy ISS product based on the OfficeJet 5740 is ready for service. This space-friendly device, which can print a lot at every angle and position, will perform perfectly in paper handling and waste ink.

Space station residents; With two boxes per month averages and status reports, personal letters and important prints to print on paper, HP is delivering a very useful service to SpaceX, as well as making a successful commercial with this move. The number of devices that currently have 120 launching products is not disclosed yet.
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