The latest version of the Apple mobile operating system, iOS 11.3, has been released. What new features does iOS devices have with this update?

Apple finally released iOS 11.3, the most comprehensive update available for iOS 11, for its users yesterday. The update, which primarily addresses Apple’s headaches, such as battery health and slowing processor frequency, also includes significant improvements in increased reality and animated features.

Here are the top innovations that come with iOS 11.3:

1- iPhone Battery Health

Although Apple has already introduced power management features to its devices that reduce the processor’s speed by reducing battery speed to less than 80%, the company has suffered a great deal of headaches.

With iOS 11.3, Apple allows users to control battery health and disable power management. Settings> Users going to the Battery menu can look at battery health to see if they need to take the appliance to the service, and they can reduce the processor frequency to avoid random shuts down.

2- Increased Reality

Apple has added ARKit 1.5 to developers for use with iOS 11.3, which increases the potential for increased realism with the introduction of the iPhone X. With ARKit 1.5, developers can use not only horizontal areas but also vertical areas such as walls and doors as ‘floors’.

With iOS 11.3, you’ll be able to detect images such as your devices, posters, and movie posters. Also, with Apple’s iOS 11.3, Apple makes it possible for higher-resolution real-world footage from enhanced reality cameras.

3- Animoji

Apple, with the iPhone X, has put an animated feature on our life, which can transform us into emoji. Although animation is a feature favored by the users, the lack of animosity has created some dissatisfaction. Apple brings 4 new animated characters, including lion, bear, dragon and skull, along with iOS 11.3.

4- Confidentiality

After Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, privacy has gained more importance. Apple has developed a new feature in iOS 11.3 to make it easy for users to be confident about their privacy. Whenever any Apple feature wants to use your personal data, an icon will appear on the screen, and this icon will instruct you on how to use and protect your data.

5- Apple Music

Now with the Music Videos section in Apple Music, you can watch the latest music videos without encountering any commercials. You can also find friends who have the same musical taste as you using the updated recommendations of Apple Music.

6- App Store

It is important to learn the ideas of those who have already used the application in a new application. Now when you review an app’s comments, you have different sorting options like the latest comments, the most popular comments, the most useful comments, and the most critical comments.

7- Keyboard

For physical hardware, English F keyboard support came. Now you can connect your hub keyboard in full compatibility with your iOS device.

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