With the latest update from Pokemon Go, two new legendary pokemon has been added to the ‘Raid Battle’ areas on the map. Latios and Latias will be seen in limited areas for a limited time.

Pokemon Go brings periodic events that we can capture especially legendary pokemon. This event was held for Latios and Latias, also for the rare pokemon like Pikachu, Bulbasaur. From now on, players will be able to come across Latios and Latias in wars called ‘Raid Battles’ in many places on the map until May 8th.

Latias will only be seen in Europe and Asia until May 8th, Latios in all of America and Africa, and after 8th of May, the pokemon will change and will be in other regions until June 5th. Latios and Latias are new to the 4th and 5th legendary pokemon of the third generation and Pokemon Go. In the vote, the number of legendary pokemon is constantly increasing, which makes the wars in the game more exciting.

How can we have the ‘Raid Battles’ and the pokemon we meet there for those who do not know?

The ‘Raid Battles’ in the Gyms on Pokemon Go, especially the events that you have the legendary pokemon and fight with them in a crowded team. If you wish for wars, you can also join on your own but it is not possible to win. If you fight as a team you will win a special poketope as a prize and you will have the opportunity to catch that pokemon you fought with this poketo.

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