With Magneto mode introduced by JulioNIB, many things are now possible in GTA 5. With Magneto, which has control of the metals, you will be able to control many objects in a transverse car, a trendy silo.

In GTA 5 you can now have the powers of the magnetism master Magneto. With Magneto, you can now throw cars and shoot planes from the sky; you can take the trains off the rails and pull the weapons out of people’s hands. The Magneto of X-Men, which came as a mode to GTA 5, managed to attract the attention of the players.

This is the mode scenario we first encountered in Reddit, JulioNIB’s work and one of the best work done. Magneto has something special about GTA that can capture everything that contains metal. You can kill anyone who acts on your weapon after you take them from people.

You can uncover a group of objects from Magneto and twisted metals that have the power to bond metal objects together. You can also drive a car on a plane with Magneto.


If you want to support JulioNIB, which exposes Magneto and provide early access to modes, he has a Patrenon account. You can find all the details of the script file and installation instructions here . You can also watch the GTA 5 experience with Magneto mode on the following video:

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