Mozilla has announced that it has developed a new version of Firefox that allows its users to browse internally with any independent virtual reality (VR) or enhanced reality (AR) viewer.

According to Sean White, chief research and development manager for Mozilla, Firefox Reality is a new browser, an open source, high security and super-fast version of Firefox. However, White has not yet made a statement about whether the version of Firefox with AR and VR focus will be made available to users.

Firefox Reality will be a platform to work with VR, AR and other reality goggles produced by any manufacturer. More importantly, it will be different from other competitors, allowing users to browse the internets only with a specific reality goggle. Because Firefox Reality is open source, VR and AR companies will be able to integrate any goggles into the browser, as they will allow access to all their code and documentation.

The company said Mozilla’s Firefox Reality users will also be looking at their previous work on connected devices and voice recognition technologies to improve the browsing experience. We will see what happens to web browsers with virtual reality glasses, which we will see in the coming days.
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