Epic Games, which enriches Fortnite with each passing day, announces new game mode, skin and new weapon.
With Fortnite, one of the most popular battle royal games in the world, Epic Games has shook the world of gaming, showing new skins to the game with new update, new weapon called ‘Grappler’ and new game mode to all players during a live broadcast.

It could be called a suction cup for a gun called Grappler. When you shoot any wall with the grappler, the suction cup sticks to the wall and pulls you up there. a great tool if you do not want to clash with your opponents in the distance.

With the update, the game also features a new event called High Stakes. The event adds a new outfit and 4 new masks to the game and also adds a limited time mode called Getaway. This mode was shown for the first time yesterday in PAX West.

With the High Stakes event, players will try to complete challenging quests to obtain Wild Card skin. It seems that the theme of the event will be processed around theft and gambling issues.

As of today, the update has reached the players. If you want to learn more about where to add the game with the new Fortnite update, you can watch the following video uploaded by Fortnite Cookies.

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