Scientists state that the activity of “pleasure” is more “shopping” than the sequencing of what they do on the waves of the brain.

In a survey of many people in various regions, scientists have found that some people enjoy shopping even more when they shop. Scientists working on the psychological effects of shopping on the brain studied gamma brain waves in this study.

As a result of the research conducted in the New York Times, it is revealed that there are two different types of people as shoppers for “inspirational” and “just to fit in”. 84 percent of the inspirational group is as happy as the Formula 1 racer who finishes the orange while shopping. This pleasure shows that they are twice as happy as other shoppers.

The other group, who is only trying to fit in the center, is mentally and physically fatigued by 30 percent more in every 10 minutes than the other group. From the “inspired” group, a person makes a good shopping and gets even more pleasure when he reaches what he wants. Scientists have proven in this research how much people love to shop.


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