Sony has recently introduced a new video for God of War that will be released soon. The game, which is eagerly anticipated by its fans so far, looks great on this new video.

God of War will be released very soon, the fans are excited by the excitement. Almost 2 weeks before the game is put on the market, Sony has released a video for the game. Although the rumor that the game will be released on March 22, the exact date of release of the game was set at 20 April.

Even though the game would be an open world, the game producers said in a statement that they showed all the effort in the name of not distracting the players. So the game will not progress in the style of a discovery game. The producers of this game, which has been waiting for 5 years, announced that God of War 4 will be on PS3 for E3 2016.

The new video is a trail showing how Kratos and his son are fighting. Everything looks great, and God of War, one of the most popular series, seems to be quite satisfied with its players after five years of longing. The game will be the fourth main game of the series of God of War. The game will be more discovery and open world than other games. The fact that there is a fixed camera angle in this vote that will tell the Scandinavian mythology is another feature that distinguishes the game from other games.

The full release date of God of War is April 20, 2018. This game, which is gaining so much popularity in the game promotion videos, is liked by fans after their despair and also by other players. Good fun for God of War fans already!
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