LG is somehow getting rid of its shell and scaring giants in the smartphone market. Giant company is expected to be put on the market this year, the flagship G7 is expected with great curiosity. The new address of the series we know with inconsistent design lines is the notch on the iPhone X screen.

Since the release of iPhone X, unnecessarily numerous Android manufacturers have brought a nick on the screen. Of course, the inside of this hood was not filled with advanced sensors like the iPhone X, and infrared receivers working for face recognition technology. Companies wanted to make it a fashion.

The design line that LG has been hopping on for the past few years is one of the biggest reasons for the success of the G series. Phones do not have a unique identity. The company is surprised when we say a curved screen, a modular phone, a frameless screen. Now that we are expecting details about the G7, the company has been told it will adapt the iPhone X pinch. Even this rumor was confirmed by the following images, which were made from the last leak.

The LG G7 can be a flagship with its technical specifications, but it will certainly not come up with a unique design:

There is more than 20 notched screens on the market. For this reason, users are right to expect a model from LG that will bring the performance line of these phones to the next level.

This video, obtained by leaking and three-dimensional design of the CAD drawings on the fabric, confirms that we will see more of a notched flagship. It is said that the device will incorporate some innovations from camera wool and come up with technologies suitable for 360 degree viewing. On the other hand, we think that the specifications will be competitive with Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20, which are the strongest competitors on the market.

Hope LG makes a nice surprise and gives up this design.
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